meet our multitudes

It’s always been important to us to celebrate the unique combo of identities in each human. You can be a pro-surfer, a drag queen, and a multitude of other things. It makes you, *you*.



👋 she/her




our Canadian manufacturing partner passionate about

taking risks, rehabilitating raccoons, and using CBD.

Niharika Chandar

👋 she/her




a mega leo makeup artist who is passionate about

doing the unthinkable and challenging the norm.

Zoë Edwards

👋 she/her

📍toronto, ontario



a professional dancer and model that finds peace of mind

through cleaning her space, hot water + lemon, and her stress roller.

Lily Galef

👋 she/her

📍new york, new york


an empathetic introvert that swears by hydration,

google docs, and rao's roasted garlic marinara sauce :)

Jong Hon

👋 he/him

📍new york, new york


dad of cadence's founder who went from doing IT to teaching

qi gong and who once put together all of cadence's boxes :)

Carter Reid

👋 she/her

📍toronto, canada


a holistic nutritionist and movement enthusiast

that stands by her pilates mat and aromatherapy.

Steph Hon

👋 she/her

📍new york, new york


a bullish founder and long-time rock climber that swears by

20 minutes of peloton yoga and may lindstrom every morning.

Tracy Valentine

👋 she/her

📍montreal, canada


a model / future CEO determined to show people that

they don't need to change themselves to be more relevant.

Brielle Webb

👋 she/her

📍the bronx, new york


an actress / educator with a personal passion for

having a positive impact on other lives + building meaningful connections.