Carter Reid
Carter Reid Carter Reid Carter Reid Carter Reid

Carter Reid

"we quickly come to the realization that we are all one. from there, anything is possible."


what are your multitudes?

  1. mother
  2. holistic nutritionist
  3. movement enthusiast
  4. fitness lover
  5. founder of The Wellness Practice


how do your multitudes intersect
 and affect your lifestyle?

i live and breathe what i am passionate about each day! there is always a lot going on at any given time so it is important for me to regularly connect with myself and be very intentional to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


top habits that help you create peace
 of mind at home

  1. minimalism
  2. a clean space
  3. playlists
  4. aromatherapy
  5. our plants
  6. taking one day a week for myself


top products that help you “do it all”

  1. journal 
  2. books
  3. yoga mat
  4. supplement routine
  5. AM/PM skincare routine
  6. all my apple products


top habits that help you “do it all”

  1. sleep
  2. meditation
  3. movement
  4. proper nutrition
  5. prioritizing meaningful relationships



what’s one change you’d like to see?

i'd like to see us value connection more. connection to ourselves, connection to the environment, connection to others. ultimately, we are all connected and i think it's far too common to encounter people that have adopted this individualistic mindset and look at life through this one filter. it all starts with a deep sense of self love and worth.

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