Tracy Valentine
Tracy Valentine Tracy Valentine Tracy Valentine Tracy Valentine

Tracy Valentine

"my multitudes flow together naturally and bring more excitement to my life."


what are your multitudes?

  1. future CEO
  2. influencer
  3. future designer
  4. model


how do your multitudes intersect
 and affect your lifestyle?

i am very goal-oriented, therefore everything i do whether it be modelling, content creation, photography, etc, contributes to my end-goal to start my own clothing brand. there is room for flexibility within my multitudes since they are in the same domain. 


top habits that help you create peace
 of mind at home

  1. taking one day a week for myself
  2. cleaning my room
  3. doing laundry
  4. turning on my diffuser
  5. my skin care routine


top products that help you “do it all”

  1. phone
  2. lip balm
  3. hand sanitizer
  4. wallet
  5. keys


top habits that help you “do it all”

  1. being proactive in working towards my goals
  2. reading to acquire more knowledge
  3. take one day off a week to myself
  4. maintain a relatively healthy diet
  5. exercising



what’s one change you’d like to see?

i would like to see more inclusivity and equity in the fashion industry! a lot of brands lack diversity and think that the solution to that is simply adding more Black or POC models to their campaigns, but it shouldn't stop there. we also need to be given the opportunity to work behind the scenes in higher positions where the big decisions are being made.

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