Steph Hon
Steph Hon Steph Hon Steph Hon Steph Hon

Steph Hon

"make the impossible possible."


what are your multitudes?
  1. founder & ceo of cadence
  2. mover
  3. friend
  4. adventurer
  5. daughter


    describe your personality in 2 sentences.

    i'm a scorpio workhorse who is deeply thoughtful, meticulous, and has a real love for efficiency and organization. i will be your do-or-die, and maybe it’s the asian in me but i always have everything i need on my person… which is why i started cadence.


    top products that help you “do it all”

    1. for skincare, may lindstrom blue cocoon
    2. for hydration, hydroflask waterbottle
    3. for productivity, superhuman email
    4. for sustainability, indosole slippers
    5. for maintaining rituals, cadence capsules
    6. for sleep, kindroot melatonin lozenges


    how do you create peace of mind in motion?

    1. starting my day early
    2. 20-min of peleton yoga in the morning
    3. blocking 2 hours daily for a top goal
    4. sunday meal prep
    5. following “Getting Things Done” by David Allen

    cadence ritual

    what's in your honeycomb?

    i have 22 capsules, broken into 2 honeycombs. the first honeycomb is for my Monday - Sunday vitamin and supplement routine, in sand. the second honeycomb is for my haircare and skincare routine. a few of my favorite products that go inside my honeycomb: May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon, Fur Post-Shave Oil, Stratia Moisturizer, and Marie Veronique Treatment Serum.



    what’s one change you’d like to see?

    the change i would like to see is sustainability companies who open source their manufacturers and suppliers. businesses are built off innovation, not keeping a supplier a secret. if your secret sauce is your supplier, that’s your biggest problem.

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