Brandy Brandy Brandy Brandy



what are your multitudes?
  1. animal lover & rescuer
  2. leader
  3. family member
  4. nature enthusiast
  5. comedian (i think i’m funny)


    describe your personality in 2 sentences.

    as a family member and leader my world is connected through business. taking on risks & challenges are my passion, and success is why i do it. my vibrant side is always glowing. i love making others smile almost as much as i love caring for animals and wildlife (i rehabilitate raccoons) :)


    top 5 products to feeling put together

    1. cadence capsules
    2. SBL skin wand
    3. matcha
    4. saje pocket farmacy
    5. apple phone & airpods pro


    one habit you've made in the past year that has changed your life


    i use CBD for pain, anxiety, and sleep instead of pharmaceuticals.


      what’s the trip destination you recommend to everyone?

      Aruba - One Happy Island



      what’s your number one sustainable practice?

      reusing and recycling everything i can.

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