Jong Hon
Jong Hon Jong Hon Jong Hon Jong Hon

Jong Hon

"be the best you can be, and help others."


what are your multitudes?
  1. father
  2. hainanese/american
  3. athlete
  4. husband
  5. problem solver


    describe your personality in 2 sentences.

    a guy who went from doing IT to teaching qi gong who holds the fastest record for making cadence's boxes. i'm your best friend, a problem solver at heart, and i promise i'm not as serious as i look. 


    top products that help you “do it all”

    1. water
    2. baoding balls
    3. nikes
    4. oranges
    5. fanny pack


    how do you create peace of mind in motion?

    1. karate
    2. qi gong
    3. sleeping
    4. warm water
    5. watching underdog movies

    cadence ritual

    what's in your honeycomb?

    for my birthday maybe my daughter will buy me a honeycomb ;) 



    what’s one change you’d like to see?

    more small acts of kindness, and mutual respect and understanding. if someone speaks with a different accent than yours, be patient please.