Niharika Chandar
Niharika Chandar Niharika Chandar Niharika Chandar Niharika Chandar

Niharika Chandar


what are your multitudes?
  1. makeup artist
  2. friend
  3. creative
  4. explorer
  5. daughter


    describe your personality in 2 sentences.

    i’m a mega leo who is passionate about doing the unthinkable and challenging the norm throughout my actions. i am a lover of balance so i can ensure my presence in all that i do, from being a friend to a creative project.


    top 5 products to feeling put together

    1. for skincare, my guasha with rosehip oil at night
    2. for productivity, notebook for to do lists and random thoughts
    3. for hydration, coconut water
    4. for sustainability, reusable bamboo pads
    5. for sleep, highline wellness CBD night gummies


    one habit you've made in the past year that has changed your life


    working in media can sometimes suck me into a constant digital spiral that is unproductive. after i get through my major tasks and projects of the day, i like to turn my phone off from 6 to 8 and focus on being present by journaling and drawing.


      what's the best investment you've made in the past year that has brought you joy?

      spending small day trips and even grocery runs without technology or reaching for my phone.



      what’s your number one sustainable practice?

      my biggest consumption is clothes. so i take inventory of my closet on a monthly basis, to see if there’s crucial pieces needed or trends i can thrift for. this helps avoid extra shopping or pieces i'll barely use.

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