Brielle Webb
Brielle Webb Brielle Webb Brielle Webb Brielle Webb

Brielle Webb

my multitudes affect who i attract into my life, what art resonates with me, the way i speak, and the way that i act" 


what are your multitudes?

  1. Black
  2. woman
  3. content creator
  4. educator
  5. actress


how do your multitudes intersect
 and affect your lifestyle?

every experience i've had inevitably influences everything i do. my experiences as a Black woman
will ESPECIALLY color in my artistic creations — all art is an extension of who we are. 


top habits that help you create peace
 of mind at home

  1. bullet journaling
  2. a daily yoga practice
  3. daily walks
  4. reading
  5. calling my therapist when necessary 


top products that help you “do it all”

  1. cadence capsules
  2. Bace CBD
  3. weighted blanket
  4. lots and lots of matcha
  5. Consonant face mask


top habits that help you “do it all”

  1. journaling
  2. listening to music
  3. taking baths
  4. daily skincare routine
  5. cooking



what’s one change you’d like to see?

i'd like to see change in the way Black people are treated in this country. we must focus on systemic injustice. educate yourself on the ways in which racism is rooted in this country socially and on the governmental level. please sign petitions, donate to grassroots organizations, and find a way to create positive change in the life of a Black person you know.

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