About the things we’re proud of
Reason for being
From Steph, CEO and Founder:

My personal mission is to reset people’s expectations of their products.

Cadence was created because I was tired of buying things that didn’t feel “worth it,” and didn’t align with my values — being put together and outdoorsy, feeling dialed in and free of worry, something that met my needs and the earth’s.

I am enamored by objects that are intuitive, created with integrity, and deliver on promises – when you find an object that does all three, they deliver a feeling...like the one you get when everything in your life has a place, a purpose, and a reason.

The trust that comes with obsessive design that supports you and your needs means you never have to worry about the in between. That’s the difference between editing and inventing, and we’re always going to choose the latter.


Steph xx
From scratch to patents
Each and every magnet, angle, color, word, material is chosen with great thought and intention. 

• It took us 207 prototypes, 4 patents, and at least 8 different target launch dates to bring our first Capsule into the world. What can we say? Good things take time.
• Another 3 years flew by, and we (finally) introduced our new product series, the Capsule Flex System.

And we’re just getting started.
Who we work with matters
We want to create something different, so we invest in people who think differently.

• It’s easy to outsource important departments, but we keep our customer experience, fulfillment, and design teams in-house. 
• We don’t let our manufacturers or investors off the hook, either. We spend countless hours getting to know them, as both people and professionals, before trusting them with our product and brand.
Woman-owned and led
Not only is Cadence second generation AAPI woman-owned, we intentionally built a leadership team comprised primarily of women. 

This team of women actively lead us through the challenging yet rewarding path that's void of private equity and big venture capital. A path deliberately chosen so that we’re not controlled by any decisions or opinions outside of our own.

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