Zoë Edwards
Zoë Edwards Zoë Edwards Zoë Edwards Zoë Edwards

Zoë Edwards

“i think, therefore i am”



what are your multitudes?

  1. human
  2. Black woman
  3. dancer
  4. model
  5. sister
  6. friend


how do your multitudes intersect and affect your lifestyle?

as a Black woman, how i move through the spaces of the dance and modelling world have at times collided. on one side there have been instances of having my makeup done incorrectly because my shade of foundation was not available. on the flip side, i have had the most amazing experiences and met great people whose goals are to work and create... no two days are the same and i love it.




top habits that help you create peace of mind at home

  1. keeping my space clean
  2. organizing my space
  3. lighting my favorite candle
  4. watering my snake plant


    top products that help you “do it all”

    1. caudalie's vinoperfect overnight renewal cream
    2. mama's life shea butter
    3. glossier's lash slick
    4. rose water
    5. saje's stress roller




    top habits that help you “do it all” 

    1. drinking hot water & lemon
    2. quick 30 minute workout
    3. cleaning my space
    4. writing in my agenda
    5. listening to music


    what’s one change you’d like to see?

    change comes from discussion and so i think brands need to be holding space and listening to BIPOC communities but on their terms. it's not about making you comfortable it's about getting people to truly listen to what's being said.

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