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Hexagon travel containers that are leakproof and easy to fill.

The equivalent number of travel-sized plastic bottles recycled from beaches and scrap material into Capsules.
*NEW* The Gradients are back for a limited time.
Our patented design
Fortified with an industrial-strength seal, multi-rotational threads, and double-walled protection.
Instantly add 1.43 fl oz to any Capsule Flex with The Extender, allowing your System to adapt with you.
Make your System your own by selecting sizes, colors, and labels that fit your personal routine.
Stackable and magnetic for satisfying packing and carrying.
Both the original Capsule and Capsule Flex System are well within TSA’s 3.4 fl oz limit for carry-ons.
Each Capsule is made from recycled material – a unique blend of ocean-bound plastic and material scraps.
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Our design details
How big are the hexagon travel containers?

The 56 is approximately 1.05" H x 1.8" W x 2" L roughly the size of a macaroon.The 132 is approximately 2.1" H x 1.8" W x 2" L, slightly smaller than the average lemon.The 275 is approximately 3.7" H x 1.8" W x 2" L.The original Capsule is approximately 1.8" H x 1.5" W, slightly smaller than an average lime.For more information on how much they hold check out our capacity calculator.

How are the hexagon containers leakproof?

We designed a threaded twist-on cap that requires two and a half rotations to ensure your Capsule will never accidentally open in your bag.

As a second layer of protection, we added in an industrial seal to ensure not even flight air pressure would impact your product.

The third and final fortification is our double wall, which creates an extra-strength exterior so that no amount of tossing and bumping in your luggage can break it. Unlike silicone, our material is not porous, so there is no chance of product being absorbed into the walls.

The Capsules are the only refillable containers intentionally designed and tested to be 100% leakproof.

Are the hexagon travel containers TSA approved?

All Cadence hexagon Capsules are TSA-compliant. They can be brought via carry-on and in a checked bag on any flight. For reference, TSA’s limit is 3.4 fl oz and Cadence Capsules come in 3 sizes: 0.56 oz 1.32 oz, and 2.75 oz. The amount is also indicated on the outside of every Capsule should TSA need to confirm.

1M Capsules carrying things
Made with recycled plastics
Made with recycled plastics
Free US ground shipping over $50
Free US ground shipping over $50
100% leakproof and TSA-compliant
100% leakproof and TSA-compliant