Gazelle Von Lear
Gazelle Von Lear Gazelle Von Lear Gazelle Von Lear Gazelle Von Lear

Gazelle Von Lear

black excellence is my motive. i am a black gay man, so i try to connect with my words to show people that i am here."



what are your multitudes?

  1. cook
  2. drag queen
  3. waiter
  4. gay
  5. animator


how do your multitudes intersect and affect your lifestyle?

being a cook helps me be good with time — when you know how to manage time, you can cook. this taught me a lot in drag. i can be in front of 10 or 50 people, but i have to go up on stage and be confident, kind and patient.




top habits that help you create peace of mind at home

  1. cooking spicy things calms me
  2. playing video games
  3. rewatching a series 


top products that help you “do it all”

  1. skillet 
  2. moisturizer
  3. deodorant and punchy scents
  4. emergency kits 
  5. spicy sauce




top habits that help you “do it all”

  1. organization
  2. try to find joy in everything
  3. communicating
  4. grocery hauls help me feel more together when i know i'm going to have a good meal
  5. snapchat makes it easy to take a 5-second video of what i'm doing



what’s one change you’d like to see?

brands should have a range of people, personalities, representing a large percentage of people. there is no need to just select one type of beauty standard -- everyone needs to be elevated.

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