The Tile

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Our customizable and magnetic labels, The Tiles, are available separately for endless flexibility. As your routine grows and changes so can the Tiles on your Capsules. 

The Tile Details

  • Capsule not included with additional individual Tile. To purchase a Capsule with an included Tile click here.
  • Choosing labels from our preset dropdown options is free. Typing your own label is an additional $3 per Tile as everything is custom printed in-house.
  • All languages and international keyboards are supported. 
  • 100% of profits from the Rainbow Icon, Heart Icon, and Wave Icon go to our non-profit partners: Heart of Dinner, Trans Woman of Color Collective, Build a Nest.
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Your Label
Limited edition artist collaboration icons are currently available for preorder only. Any orders including Cadence x Araki that are placed before or on 6/23 will begin shipping 6/24.
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Explore routines

See how people use their Capsules, from everyday life to long trips.
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What goes in the capsule? Just think about the products that make you feel like you. And now you have the answer.

Magnets keep it together

The Cadence system was designed with magnets in the body, top, and Tile so you can organize and carry everything together – whether you bring two or twenty capsules.

Tiles for personalization

Interchangeable Tiles take the Capsule to new heights of customization. Standard with each Capsule, choose from a menu of words and icons, or type your own.

Round edges make scooping easy

The Capsules are designed to be endlessly and effortlessly used, cleaned, and refilled. Ergonomic and smooth so you can access your product down to the last drop.