It’s a hot love affair.

Let me clue you in on a little secret – there is a product on the market that can be considered the unsung hero of modern day comfort. It’s been used by people across our earth since the 1800’s, has almost no negative reviews, is only ten dollars, can be found in almost any drug store in your neighborhood, and will last you a lifetime.


Have I piqued your interest? What is this magical product, you may ask? I’ll tell you… it’s a standard hot water bottle.


Drama aside, hot water bottles are the pinnacle of low cost comfort. They have saved me on multiple occasions where I otherwise would have been in hot water – no pun intended.



A sub-zero temperature kind-of night in Scotland in January, in a house with broken heat. In my desperation, I ran to the equivalent of a Scottish Walgreens and bought my first (and only) trusty hot water bottle with a fuzzy little cover, on the recommendation of a friend. It ensured that I didn’t freeze to death – and I’m not being dramatic here, there was ice inside the house when I woke up. Those small, simple things retain and radiate heat for at least ten hours.



Moving into my apartment in Brooklyn during a questionably cold March month, with no heat or stovetop use. I could only use hot tap water, but lo and behold, that little bottle kept me warm each night.



This save from the hot water bottle came, and continues to come, each month that I experience awful cramps. For cramps – and any muscle ache or pain – a hot water bottle gifts soothing comfort, and saves wasting resources and money on those expensive Thermacare heat wraps.


Pretty convincing, right? Even if you’re feeling lonely and want something warm and comforting to hold, a hot water bottle is the perfect cuddle buddy. And don’t worry, these suckers don’t leak, just try to not overfill them. I can’t recommend this simple product enough and I know it’s a love affair that will stand the tests of time.


— tried & true by KYC


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  • Kei Horikawa says:

    Love this post Steph! I can imagine a little tartan hot water bottle keeping you company.

    • Steph Hon says:

      We love that! Always keeping company when trying to make cold sheets more approachable!

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