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Cadence Tiles x Araki Koman

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A bundle of six Tiles featuring limited edition designs by Araki Koman. This artist collaboration features six unique takes on our bestselling icons: Pill, Jewelry, Droplet, Sun, Eye, and Heart, reimagined in Araki's signature raw and minimal style. Available for a limited time only, and created to fit seamlessly into your existing Cadence System.

The Tile Details

  • Each Capsule includes one standard Tile.
  • Choosing labels from our preset dropdown options is free. Typing your own label is an additional $3 per Tile as everything is custom printed in-house.
  • All languages and international keyboards are supported. 
  • 100% of profits from the Rainbow Icon, Heart Icon, and Wave Icon go to our non-profit partners: Heart of Dinner, Trans Woman of Color Collective, Nest
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Limited edition artist collaboration icons are currently available for preorder only. Any orders including Cadence x Araki that are placed before or on 6/23 will begin shipping 6/24.
Want to personalize?

Want to personalize?

Limited edition designs by Araki Koman are also available in customizable Capsule and Tile bundles.
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About Araki

Araki shares our passion for sustainability and beautiful, thoughtful design. As a nomad, Araki is always on the move and her work is inspired by the feeling of calm wherever you go.
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Multi-disciplinary Inspiration

Araki’s minimal and sensory work is rooted in her interests in visual anthropology, wellness, spirituality, and her nomadic lifestyle.
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Her Work

“After exploring the deeper meaning of each symbols through word mapping and reading some texts in my favourite books, I went onto building a library of visual references which would help to create the moodboards for each symbol.”