Having tried it firsthand, I can happily report that my apartment is vermin-free and, as an added bonus, smells like a beautiful candy castle.

As winter continues, the changing environment and a jam-packed schedule can leave even the best of us susceptible to the low energy of winter, and the dreaded flu. In an effort to move towards prevention instead of treatment, I finally committed to exploring the medicinal properties of peppermint in my mode of everyday self-survival.


If You’re Into History…

With roots (pun intended) in ancient European and Asian medicinal practices, the mint plant Peppermint has been used as a soothing aid to a busy life’s most common aches and pains. In Greek mythology, it is even portrayed as a naiad (nymph) – Minthe– turned into a sweet plant by Persephone due to being so beloved by her husband Hades. Peppermint has definitely achieved goddess-like status in my life, and it is so easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Maximum benefits for minimum effort.


If You’re Sore…

Peppermint oil’s medicinal qualities are a relief for your muscles. Add several drops of Young Living Peppermint Oil to your bath and combo it with Epsom salt (plus any other oil blend – I love eucalyptus and tea tree) and it will leave your body feeling cool and soothed. I use Young Living essential oils, because they’re high-quality and sourced ethically from “Seed to Seal”.


If You’re Head-achy…

I’ve been giving myself a good temple rub using a couple drops of the oil whenever I have a tension headache (no breakouts have followed), and I immediately feel better. I carry the little bottle around in my bag, let a few drops into my palm–a small, feel good, solution. 


If You’re Stuffy

If you have an aromatic diffuser or humidifier, several drops transform any room in my apartment into an oasis – perfect for dealing with a dry cough and clogged sinuses associated with allergies, colds, city construction dust, or building heat .


If Your Stomach Needs To Chill..

For a bloated, sensitive, or upset stomach, sip on some peppermint tea to help calm it down. Peppermint is an amazing digestive aid, and clinical studies have shown it to help symptoms of IBS and indigestion. My favorite peppermint tea is made by Choice Organic  – tasty, Fair Trade-sourced, and packaged using organic/recycled materials. Footnote: In line with Ayurvedic tradition, peppermint is great for those who are chronically warm, as it’s a cooling tea. For the chilly, be mindful to not overdue the minty tea – figure out what you are at: Banyan Botanicals.


If You’re Creating Creature Boundaries…

Peppermint power extends beyond self-care and into home care! The scent is a natural mouse and mosquito deterrent (for mice, soak cotton balls with the oil and place them in any cracks or areas around pipes that the critters can squeeze through; for mosquitoes, 2-3 drops rubbed into your skin or mixed with water in a spray bottle should do the trick). Having tried it firsthand, I can happily report that my apartment is vermin-free and, as an added bonus, smells like a beautiful candy castle.


Go get ‘em you minty God/Goddess!

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