“An emergency whistle to replace my taser.”

KYC asks busy individuals what they always have with them when they’re going from point A to point B, B to C, C all the way to D, and D to who knows. Today we’re asking Outdoor Voices ambassador Hannah Lyal what she brings with her.


Hannah Lyal is an ambassador for Outdoor Voices, Teva, and Milk Makeup who currently lives in Southern Utah. Her day takes her from teaching yoga to her humanitarian duties, mentoring at a young women’s home for behavioral treatment. She is a lover of the outdoors and all animals – especially her cat Midi (short for Midnight).


For Face My go-to’s are Too Faced Hangover Primer, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty foundation and an eye-shadow palette that was my sister’s that I’ve probably had since 2002.


For Skin My skin and hands are always super dry. Depending on dryness, I will sometimes pull an old man move and cleanse my face with Pond’s Cold Cream, but for the most part I use the Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer.

I haven’t worn sunscreen with frequency, but I’m trying to after doing a black-light skin test where it shows your skin’s sun damage. It was terrifying.


For Eyes My eyelashes are long, dark, and so incredibly pin straight. I always curl them with an eyelash curler, sometimes a couple of times per day. You’d think I want to look like Betty Boop or something!


For Feeling Fresh I carry my deodorant with me everywhere. I use Native deodorant in Citrus and Herbal Musk. It’s a men’s deodorant, but I’ve always opted for men’s products over women’s because I like the scents better. I also usually have a bottle of rose water to spritz on my face. It makes me feel fresh and dewy, it cools me down, and is also a great makeup setter.


For Lips I have a spearmint chap-stick made by The North Face to protect my lips. I use my Milk makeup Lip and Cheek roller in Perk which I apply to both my lips and cheeks. I’m not into lipstick, and wish I could rock it but I’ve never liked how it looked on me. It’s messy and I’m messy – not a good combination.


For Hair I don’t do anything to my hair and only probably brush it twice a year when I get it dyed. I do carry a velvet forest-green scrunchie with me every day. If my hair is driving me crazy I’ll just throw it up in that. My friend Mytch gave it to me when he had long hair; he was known as the scrunchie queen until he shaved his hair.


For Safety An emergency whistle to replace my taser. The taser has been moved to my car after being stopped one too many times at concert security checkpoints. You never know when you need to be safe. Also a tampon. Gotta have a tampon.


For Soul I always carry a book with me. Right now, it’s Mountaineering Essays by John Muir. The book is really intriguing and his verbiage is insane. I also have this Alaska coin purse my friend gave me when I moved there. It holds a selenite crystal, from a huge crater in Utah called the Glitter Mine. It’s completely covered in selenite, so I always take a couple of chunks when I’m there. I keep a piece on me in the coin purse because you never know when you need to say a little mantra and hold a crystal to get your day going.

I have a little leather wallet, with all my cards and my bucket list. It’s very long and kind of ridiculous. I carry my Lady Gaga concert ticket and a drawing of a bunny my niece did after my nickname (Hannah Bunny). I can’t let go of some things. It’s hard. At one point I briefly lost my wallet, and my first thought went to those items, not my debit card.


For a Day out in Utah Things have mellowed out a ton moving from Salt Lake City to a smaller town in Utah. I love to get tea – my favorite place is called Unicorn Hatch Labs and it’s very funky. There’s a thrift store called Deseret Industries and it’s where my whole wardrobe is from.

Snow Canyon State Park is beautiful, and Zion National Park is my favorite place in the world. I want my ashes spread there. If I don’t get outside each day, for me it won’t be a good day. Outside is my sanity; I see something new and realize that the outdoors is always there for me, and my problems aren’t always as bad as they seem.


The Bag An Outdoor Voices canvas tote bag which is super cute and big enough to carry my plethora of things!


To check out Hannah Lyal’s Instagram and keep up with her outdoor adventures, click here.

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