“I’ve found myself in a lot of bathrooms, having a huge urge to refresh my face.”

KYC asks busy individuals what they always have with them when they’re going from point A to point B, B to C, C all the way to D, and D to who knows. Today we’re asking influencer and Nike Ambassador Bianca Valle what she brings with her.


Bianca is a freelance model, writer, illustrator, and holistic nutritionist who began her career doing social media for Milk Studios. At 22 years old, she worked as the lead beauty editor for Nylon magazine after graduating from NYU with a degree in Film and TV. She lives in Chinatown and works daily to cultivate brand partnerships with companies like Nike in addition to running her donation-based nutrition hotline and publishing a wellness zine.


For Staying Hydrated When I go about my day, I always have a big water bottle. Right now, I have a BKR bottle which is not as big as I’m used to. I used to carry around an old finished glass prune juice bottle which held a liter of water, but it was just so heavy I had to leave it behind.


For Feeling Fresh Lymph Candy natural deodorant. It has a delicious scent, a bit like tea tree oil. I use it often because it’s all-natural so I have to constantly reapply.


For Lips I normally carry about nine different chapsticks because if I’m in a rush I don’t want to dig around in my bag for my one chapstick. Aside from the standard Vaseline brand my two favorites are by Farmacy and Olio e Osso. I’m not a tinted chapstick girl (lipstick or chapstick, the in between looks weird on my face), but the Olio e Osso one is so good I don’t care.

I always keep lipstick in my bag. My go-to right now is Bael by Nas (an Australian brand). CLE cosmetics also makes a powder-to-liquid matte lipstick, which is weird and interesting but works really well. I’m a nude girl, and don’t really tend to wear colors that are intense.


For Quiet Moments I just finished a book today that I was carrying around forever, called Small Pleasures by Alain de Botton. It’s so good. I made it a point to sit down at a little bodega between appointments, drink tea, and finish it.


For Winter Skin I always have Clarins Moisturizer in the winter in my bag because my skin gets so dry. For my hands, I use a body cream by Flamingo.


For Eyes My Shiseido eyelash curler.


For Hair Dry shampoo and hairspray for quick touch ups.


For Face I carry a Caudalie face spray, but I don’t use it frequently because sometimes I just don’t have the balls to spray it on my face in public and deal with the stares. Because it’s fashion week, and I’m back to back to back with meetings and everyone looks so glam, I’ve found myself in a lot of bathrooms, having a huge urge to refresh my face. I don’t wear makeup often, so what I’ll do is rinse my face with water, put on some moisturizer and re-curl my eyelashes. This simple routine makes me feel great when I arrive and everyone is glammed up.


For Scents I’m alternating right now between two perfumes. When I’m home, I wear Another 13 by Le Labo. When I’m out, I carry Clementine California by Atelier Cologne. That one is just so fresh. It reminds me of an Italian beach vacation. Another 13 is warmer, and who doesn’t want to wear Le Labo?


For Local Faves I have lots of punch cards. I’m really into punch cards. My collection ranges from all different coffee shops to my favorite massage places in Chinatown.


For The Gym The biggest travelling I do is when I go to the gym. I put my sneakers in their own bag and then put the sneakers in a bag and put my clothes in that bag and then I have my tote bag. Right now, I’m using a gigantic black Nike tote. I’m part of the Nike family and sometimes they give us new gear in these giant bags, which is amazing. The bigger the better.


For A Daily Mantra There’s no magic to people who look like they effortlessly “do it all”. My days are jam packed because I find worth in so many different opportunities. I’ve learned so much through experiences I say yes to.


The Bag I’m a big bag lady. I actually can’t use anything smaller than a large tote. I’ve been using a Goyard tote that I got for my 21st birthday. It’s ironic because a lot of Upper East Side moms love wearing Goyard, but I’m just a crummy Chinatown kid studying nutrition and running around with it on. I begged my parents for it and they said, “Okay but this is for your birthday, and Christmas, and your birthday and Christmas after that”.


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