I’ve debunked the plain plane myths, and come out on the other side of the country with glowing skin.

It’s not figuring out the collection process for recycled ocean plastic, convincing large companies to use sustainable packaging, or making America sane again–but I do have the solution to walking off a plane and loving how your skin feels. My hallelujah moment was on my way to LA for the Ferdinand the Bull premiere. In the weeks prior, I had done diligent research, sifting through it all to realize:

1) in-flight mists only dehydrate your skin, Renee Rouleau said it first.

2) gel masks in-flight will keep your skin protected and hydrated.

3) post flight, a skin peel will be the salvation for your clogged pores.

I bought the supplies, followed the steps, and let me tell you it was the first time I got off a flight and felt GOOD. That night of the living dead, dehydrated, post-plane skin was non-existent. I’ve debunked the plain plane myths, and come out on the other side of the country with glowing skin.



Hydration needs to be a theme of your entire day, as a quick fix moments before takeoff doesn’t work. My recipe? I filled up my 32 oz Hydroflask with warm water before I left my house, and by the time I arrived at security I made sure there was no water to waste (a bit of a way to push the self-hydration). Once through security, I filled up again with half cool water, and went to a kiosk to top it off with hot water – as warm water helps to both regulate your digestive system while your body transitions to new environments and keep you warm on the freezing plane — to my chronically cold friends, this helps. Perks: a nice warming and hydrating comfort during flight, ensuring I didn’t need to deal with the 1) icy water from the plane cart 2) wasting a plastic or paper cup 3) saving the plastic bottle that ice water comes from.



Once on the plane, I used lavender hand sanitizer to clean my hands, and calmly, and somewhat coyly, squeezed and rubbed on my travel gel face mask. The point of a moisturizing mask in-flight is that it prevents post-plane breakouts by keeping the skin hydrated and plump. My new favorite is the Derm Institute Hydrating Mask; the kind woman at Space NK dealt with my confirming and re-affirming with her–this won’t cause breakouts, right? She was right. The mask comes in small individual mini packets, about the size of a thumb drive. Super convenient, since it took up nearly no space and allowed me to bring only as many as I needed, but not great on the waste end due to the single packets– however, our Cadence Collection One will solve the waste issue that comes with these, we think you’ll love it as much as we do.  


For my lips I go with something simple: ILIA Balmy Days Lip Conditioner layered with vaseline (once empty the container is a surprisingly perfect way to transport necklaces and earrings as a makeshift option).


Post Plane

At my airbnb I used Renee Rouleau’s Triple Berry Smoothing Peel followed by Rapid Response Detox Mask – both smell amazing and are no fuss – then topped it off with CV Skinlabs Common Moisture. I drank more water, fell asleep, woke up…and voilà! My skin showed no signs of being put into a pressure sensitive vehicle moving through the sky; rather it looked dewy as if I had been in LA for a while.

— tried & true by yours truly.


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